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Hello fellow Alumni, Fans, and Friends –


I want to first say WELCOME! We are excited to continue our growth and presence among all of those affiliated with The University of Alabama.

The UA LGBTQ Alumni Association has accomplished a lot in our first five years of existence. In this brief time, we have endowed TWO scholarships that are now awarded annually, dispensed emergency grants during the COVID-19 pandemic, held events both in-person and virtually across the US, and in April 2021 we were granted a seat on the UA National Alumni Association Executive Committee.

As we look to the future our sights are set on continuing our mission to:

  • Strengthen the entire University of Alabama community by elevating the voices of LGBTQ+ persons and their allies

  • Foster community among LGBTQ+ persons affiliated with The University of Alabama and their allies

  • Develop financial and professional resources for LGBTQ+ students and young professionals affiliated with The University of Alabama

  • Ensure that adequate services are provided to LGBTQ+ students so that they can be healthy, happy, and can pursue success on campus and beyond


To make these things happen WE NEED YOU! I encourage you to BECOME A MEMBER, get involved, sign up for our newsletter, and help strengthen our UA community and our LGBTQ+ family.

Roll Tide,

Russell C. Howard
President (2022-2024)

Click HERE to view a full list of our 2022-2024 leadership.

Past Presidents

Chase Sanders 2020-2022

Will Thomas 2018-2020

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